We've changed
the rules

Triple O Games is a Blockchain-Enabled Gaming Start-Up, focused on building unique game experiences. We upgrade the “FREE-2-PLAY” model by empowering players to earn money through a new “PLAY-2-EARN” model.

The player is
now our partner

Triple O Games is on the cuspide of digital game revolution. Where players can finally use their tokens for items beyond the game experience.

Trade and make money with
your game goods

Blockchain technology is integrated into our games and, thanks to it, we give the players the opportunity to acquire the ownership over the virtual assets, and they can trade and earn money with them.

A different work philosophy

Have you ever dream of working from paradise and creating your own schedule? Our name is Out Of Office Games which meaning is reflected in our philosophy. We are a company that believes in remote work and our head office is located in Tenerife, a paradisiacal island.


We collaborate with ambitious people;
we'd love to build something great together.

We are a group of veteran game, technology and innovation developers who love to bring new, innovative and disruptive ideas through meaningful entertainment and gaming experiences, creating high-tech solutions that we implement in high quality games. We are creating a super team with the most talented people from all around the world. Our executive team has worked with world-known amazing brands in the videogames field.

Our team of advisors

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