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Triple O Games

We’ve changed the rules

Triple O Games is a Blockchain-Enabled Gaming Start-Up, focused on building unique game experiences. We upgrade the “FREE-2-PLAY” model by empowering players to earn money through a new “PLAY-2-EARN” model.

Who we are


Our mission is to reward players for their loyalty, skill and commitment.


Our vision is to change the way people interact with video games being part of their success.


Our goal is to solve gaming industry problems, incentivizing loyalty and promoting and rewarding players.

How it works


Triple O Games is on the cuspid of the digital game revolution. Where players can finally use their tokens for items beyond the game experience.


Triple O Games was born with one identity as the core value of the company culture. But what does it mean? Triple O means Out Of Office, we were born with the objective of leading a very different way of working. We don’t have offices, we work from home. We work by objectives, not by hours. We align personal and business objectives.


Blockchain technology is integrated into our games and, thanks to it, we give the players the opportunity to acquire ownership over the virtual assets, and they can trade and earn money with them.

The values we live by


We collaborate with the most talented people

We are a group of veteran game, technology and innovation developers who love to bring new, innovative and disruptive ideas through meaningful entertainment and gaming experiences, creating high-tech solutions that we implement in high quality games. Our executive team has worked with world-known amazing brands in the videogames field.


A different work philosophy

Have you ever dream of working from paradise and creating your own schedule?? Our name is ‘”Out of office games” which meaning is reflected in our philosophy . We are a company that believes in remote work and our head office is located in Tenerife a paradisiacal island

Let’s make something great together !

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Isidro Quintana
Isidro - Co-founder & CEO

+15 years in the technological and audiovisual innovation industry. Some of his milestones are: being awarded Best Startup in the Canary Islands, several rounds of investment, a successful video game company Promineo Studios (and exit), and working with the best worldwide entertainment companies.

Ricardo Varela
Ricardo - Co-founder & CTO

Computer Engineer graduated with Extraordinary Award (Summa Cum Laude) and with 12 years of professional experience in the game industry, having worked as a programmer for big-budget games for Ubisoft, Sony, and Konami and for IPs like Assassin Creed, Tom Clancy's The Division, Castlevania and Harry Potter.

Ignacio Calvo
Ignacio - Lead Producer

Economics graduated and a Master's Degree in Production Management for Video Games, Animation and VFX. He is handling the production planning, the day-to-day control of all departments and the management of the outsourcing companies.

Raquel Castro
Raquel - Head of Marketing & Communications

Graduated in graphic design and master's degree in digital marketing. After working in several companies in marketing departments, she is currently collaborating with the University of Granada and the ULPGC University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria while pursuing her Ph.D. in marketing and business.

Cristian Quintana
Cristian - Head of Administrative

Graduated in Business administration and management. Passionate about blockchain technology and its implications. He started at Triple O Games at the time of its creation, doing his internship at the University and immersing himself in the world of blockchain and video games, two of his hobbies.

Fausto Peidro
Fausto - Game Design Lead

Graduated in Architecture and master’s degree in Development and Game Design at the Complutense University. Passionate about designing and creating rules and flows according to each game! With experience in Mobile Games Design with big studios such as Disney or Mattel and with our own IPs as Tuscany Villa at Genjoy.

Daniel Salvador
Daniel - Crypto Economy Designer

Professional trader since 2017, chess teacher and player since five (2150 FIDE), designer of trading bots, and former professional poker player. Daniel is also a top player and collaborator on several crypto games and an NFT collector.

Juan Camilo Castañeda
Juan - UI/UX designer

He has more than 7 years of experience working on a variety of products and projects, collaborating with teams from video game studios, marketing and software development companies. He has been involved in different areas, UI/UX, marketing, digital design, branding, illustration and digital art. He participated in the processes of creation, planning and execution of digital products and services.

Edgar Sicilia
Edgar - 2D Lead

Starting his career as a designer and illustrator for more than 13 years, Edgar discovered the world of video games working as lead artist and art director in both F2P and Blockchain games for several companies. His skills are demonstrated through more than 7 years of experience in the industry, having performed both art, product and team management and art direction.

Daniel Díaz
Daniel - Concept Artist

Graduated in Fine Arts (specializing in Illustration and Animation) and Master's Degree in Teacher Training. After studying 2D animation at Lightbox Academy and participating in art exhibitions, he started working at Triple O Games as a concept artist, thus beginning his journey in the world of video games.

Moises Rios
Moises - Senior FVX Artist

More than 20 years working in Videogames, passionate about 3D graphics and VFX. He has worked on games for PC, Consoles and Mobiles for companies like Virgin, Nokia, Capcom or Sony, together with which we developed the first Spanish MOBA that came to PS4.

Yeray Del Pino
Yeray - 3D Lead

With more than 15 years in the industry Yeray is passionate about 3D. He has been a 3D generalist for many years and specialized in characters. He has worked on movies and video games as a freelance, working for Disney, Marvel, DC and Sony.

Alex González
Alex - 3D Design

Graduated in Graphic Design at the School of Art Graphic Design Fernando Estévez. He’s always been working in 2D, but since he started studying at art school, he wanted to move to 3D. When he graduated, he wanted to continue training and work in the world of 3D, and that's why he decided to join Triple O Games.

Juan de Dios Ramírez
Juan - Unity Engineer

Graduated in Network Information Systems Administration from EUSA University of Sevilla and Master in Video games Development, with 10 years of experience in Mobile games development. He has worked with several big studios such as DreamWorks and Disney. 

Aziz Mohamed
Aziz - Senior Gameplay Programmer

Aziz is a Unity & Photon Developer with 8 years of experience in making mobile, pc, and Nintendo games. He also has experience developing multiplayer, AR, and VR games.

Santiljano Malaj
Santiljano - Senior Fullstack Developer

He majored in Software Engineering at the Albanian University and after graduation, he worked with several companies and archived excellent certifications and rich experiences. Methodical, client-focused full-stack software developer, with over 11+ years of experience in web & mobile application development.

Carlos Muñoz Díaz
Carlos - QA Lead

Passionate about video games since he was a kid, he always dreamed about working in this industry. He started studying IT until he finally saw an opportunity to join the games industry. He worked for multiple top video games companies, such as Nintendo, 2K Games, Rockstar Games and Paradox Interactive.

Martín Ayguavella
Martín - Sound artist

Martin has been working in the International media scene for over 15 years. Starting his career as a composer for film, he quickly expanded into music for games, television & trailers. Over the years, his skill set increased to include Sound Design & Mixing / Mastering.

Investors and partners

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